Nazi Tunnels

This here will be the digital home for my dissertation research and resources. Ideally I will be able to scan all of the documents I look at and post them here in an Omeka archive.

There will be two software applications that run this site: WordPress and Omeka. The WordPress install will be a digital replication of my prospectus which will serve as a light introduction to the dissertation. As the dissertation progresses, it will also provide the digital publishing platform (via Anthologize, if it’s still around in two or three years) for the dissertation.

The Omeka install will be the digital archive for all of my resources I use and find throughout the process. I’m hoping to get permission from the various archives (especially the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum) to be able to put the documents I scan on this site.

My goal is to have everything I do during this dissertation process available on the Internet.

Last modified: October 25, 2012

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