While there are many books and articles that discuss the German war economy and German businesses during the war, there are few that describe in detail the efforts of protecting German armaments factories. More rare are those that focus explicitly on the underground dispersal projects. This dissertation attempts to fill that gap.

The dissertation will also address several other issues regarding World War II and Holocaust history. A focus on the Nazi dispersal projects will enlighten the debate on the effectiveness of the Allied bombing raids. Such research will also contribute to the discussion about what lengths the Nazi leadership was willing to go to win the war, and which German factory owners were willing to participate in these projects in order to maintain production. Most of the tunnels, caves and mines used for the underground dispersal projects were unfit for use as factories without extensive work. The Reich Ministry for Armaments and War Production was only able to build their tunnels with help from the labor pool available to the SS. The story of those who suffered under grueling conditions to provide underground factories for German companies has not fully been told.

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