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Convert a folder of Images to PDF

Here’s a quick one-line command to convert a bunch of images to one PDF file. Pre-requisits: ImageMagick and a terminal. Enter the directory and type:


The National WWI Memorial.

GSA 2014 – DH Panel

I recently participated in the annual German Studies Association Conference. (On a side note, my last professor at ASU, Dr. Gerald Kleinfeld started the GSA.) I was delighted to be on one of two DH panels at the GSA. Since I don’t have anything noteworthy finished or started with my dissertation, I spoke about how […]

The Final Stretch

But not really. I’m no further than before, but the end is in sight, because I have to finish by January 2016 no matter what. I also have the opportunity to write up my dissertation work for a journal article, and that is due in summer 2015. So I have to be done by then. […]

Boeing B-17E

Bombing as Strategy

Day of DH 2014 One of the uses of Digital Humanities is to enlarge the community of scholars. Building up to a paper at the annual German Studies Association conference in September, I will be researching how the Open Source model of creating software and hardware can be applied to the humanities. Specifically, what does […]


Zotero Bibliography for Nazi Tunnels

I’ve been meaning to get this set up for quite a while, and now that I actually have some solid sources (all secondary for now), I am able to put this together. Zotero is a great bibliography tool, and the web version allows anyone to collaborate on a group bibliography. This will be helpful in […]

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Work at the Porta Labor Camps

Job List Reinhold Blanke-Bohne wrote a completed his dissertation on the Nazi SS labor camps at Porta Westfalica in 1984. There were many different commands that inmates were assigned to; they switched commands often for various reasons. Reinhold Blanke-Bohne has a list of 26 different commands; not all of them were in existence at the […]


The Mechanics of Writing a Dissertation

Update from this post: Setting the Pace from January 3, 2013. I’m a nerdy, geeky type of guy, fascinated with technology, so I just had to figure out a way to keep myself on track using a spreadsheet. I chose Google Docs through my Google account as it is safely backed up online and I […]


Finding sources

There are many ways and means of finding sources. Even though I should be just in the writing stages by now, I’m still finding sources to add to my collection. I was reading in Pierre Bleton’s book “Das Leben ist schön!” (no relation to the film of the same name, this book came out first), […]


Happurg: Week Four

The final tunnel location that I was able to visit was in the small village of Happurg, near Nuremberg. I was unable to contact anybody from the village of Happurg before arriving, but found a hotel close to where I suspected the tunnel location might be. In the evening of my arrival I walked around […]

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Nordhausen: Week Three

The largest memorial to the underground factories in Germany is near Nordhausen, at the Mittelbau-Dora Concentration Camp Memorial. I was able to visit with Jens-Christian Wagner, the director of the memorial. We had a great discussion on the importance of memorials and the purpose they have in contemporary Germany. We spoke on the many different […]