Dissertation is live and on line

I am in the final stages of editing… hopefully. The plan is to finish this summer, defend in September, and graduate in December 2016.

Now that I have all of the chapters written, and they just need some work (apparently lots and lots of work), I have put the text and images online in their own website.


A write up of the technology and decissions made in the site will be forth coming.

All of the primary sources that I reference are also online and available. The process and decissions for creating this repository will be in a following blog post.

All of the incremental changes made to the “official” version of the dissertation can be seen in the GitHub repository for the dissertation text.


There is still a lot to work on. Another 20 books of supporting material to read through and incorporate into the text.

Grammar and style to fix…

Overwhelming, but nearing the end.

Last modified: April 1, 2016

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